Friday, 14 November 2014

Pewter Platters 

Yes that's right , Grandmas platters are hip !

So many of us have a few of these old platters hanging around that we always say that we will use at Christmas and never do.

These timeless and often heirloom pieces can be used a very modern and fresh way. Take a look at the picture and notice the size and the placement in the room. the platters draw your eye over to an oversize brushed stainless gas stove adorned with a farmhouse style cooker vent. The accents of the platters creates a beautiful focal point to the room . While the overall feel of the kitchen is a classic farmhouse it has a modern and fresh vibe. What a beautiful balance between new and old.

Have fun with your style and designs. Always think outside of the box. What a fun idea to put circular items arranged in a square. This is a very chic look . If you have any platters hanging around try this. Here is a tip - get a large sheet of paper or construction board and tape them over your wall and use that as a template. you can draw around the edge of your platters and see the exact placement.  If you don't like the arrangement you can just simply put up a new piece of paper and start over . 

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Renovations , yes I can help.

The following is a pretty typical conversation I have.

Person A : "I hate my kitchen / bathroom "
Me: " What do you hate about it ? "
Person A: "Everything"
Me: " have you thought about what you would like to do with it ? "
Person A : ( blank stare )
Me: " is it just ugly or is there a problem with the function ?"
Person A : (blank stare )

A great place to start is by standing in your space and looking around and making a list of all the good points about the space and all the bad points. This list will help me to be able to come up with some creative ideas to help you I always stand by the phrase "if its not broke don't fix it." In space planning and design this translates to if the function is fine lets not move something just for fun. Planning is the key to a successful renovation. My goal is by the time comes to break ground on your project you will be %100 sure of your choices.

Welcome to Interiors by Fusion

Well welcome everyone. I look forward to connecting with you and keeping you up to date with latest trends and timeless classics .